About Us

The Professional Edge


Prop Door is run by a set of experience Professionals and thrives on achieving its ambitious growth plans. Prop Door is one of the prominent company in Bangalore engaged in offering various types of RESORT CONSTRUCTIONS  services We have gained appreciation from our clients for providing reliable and prompt service 


Prop Door, one of the most exciting and dynamic company in Bangalore. An independent global company, with office in Bangalore – INDIA. Our range of complementary in-house services is rare. And our thorough understanding management is matched by our expertise in planning and producing major services. Today’s all services have complex demands – both for speed and efficiency and for cost-effective solutions. That’s why we work in partnership with our clients to fully understand their existing programme and future objectives.

We with our the years of experiences  talented, motivated and highly-trained provide a proactive service that brings security, compliance and cost savings to every business we deal with. Our clients’ experience is our first priority. So we bring innovative solutions to even the trickiest of challenges with our own industry-leading technology. Above all, we expect to adapt to our clients’ ways of working. Not the other way around. Why not find out how we can help your business?”


Vision and strategy

  • *Customer orientation is our top most priority.
  • *We want to be the globally recognised company.
  • *We want to lead the markets in which we act with creative and innovative products and services; and offer the most relevant, most sustainable, and best product solutions to our customers.
  • *We utilise the strengths of our teams in order to achieve maximum added value for our customers.
  • *We offer the best solutions in order to sustainable fulfil our customer’s demands.
  • *Together with our partners we continuously set new standards when it comes to creative and innovative products and services.


Mission Statement

  • *For every single customer, we will work as hard as we can to help them achieve their dreams.
    *We are grateful and inspired to be working with a select team of professionals whom we believe are the most capable, honest and hard-working in the country.
    *We believe that working hard at something you love to do, with people you trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life.
    *We love to help our customers find a house that can become a happy home.
  • *We are devoted to our family, our colleagues, our community, and our country.
    *We are proud to offer what we feel are the finest in the country.
    *Finally, we believe that our business can be successful for generations only if we continue a Tradition of Trust.


Our Process

  • *Initial Meeting
    Define the client wish list, budget, and lifestyle requirements.
    Strategy and layout to bring visions to life, one detail at a time.
    Customise and order all products, materials, and labour coordination.
    *Deliver & Install
    Turn-key, white glove service & perfect placement of all.